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Selected Writings and Interviews


Ross, Clifford, "Lucy Bowditch: The Brooklyn Rail’s "New Social Environment.” Brooklyn Rail (June)


Ross, Clifford, "Jay DeFeo: Depicting with Abandon." Brooklyn Rail (September)


Ross, Clifford. “Terracotta Daughters: Silence Speaking.” In Serendipity. Paris: Actes Sud. 


Bui, Phong. “In Conversation: Clifford Ross with Phong Bui.” Brooklyn Rail (July–August)
Ross, Clifford. “Playing Chicken with Photography.” In Jean Pagliuso: The Poultry Suite. Munich: Hirmer
Ross, Clifford. "A Perfect Storm: Hurricanes and the Wave Cathedral." In Seen & Imagined: The World of Clifford Ross. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press
Ross, Clifford. "Photography and Wood: The Odd Couple." In Seen & Imagined: The World of Clifford Ross. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press
Ross, Clifford. "Wallace Stevens for the Eyes: Mountain Redux and Harmonium Mountain." In Seen & Imagined: The World of Clifford Ross. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press
Schell, Orville. “Interview with Clifford Ross.” In Hurricane Waves: Clifford Ross. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press
Small, Rachel. “Clifford Ross’s Natural State.” Interview Magazine, August 13
Wei, Lilly. “Clifford Ross: ‘I indulge in extreme photography.’” Studio International (November 20)


Ross, Clifford. “The Art World Remembers Lou Reed,”, October 29
Ross, Clifford. “At Ground Level: Lou Reed,”, November 1
Ross, Clifford. Through the Looking Glass. With an essay by Paul Goldberger. Munich: Hirmer


Photographer Clifford Ross, radio interview by Yunfeng, Zheng, Voices from Other Lands, China Radio International, October 7
Ross, Clifford. Interview with Toni Ross. In Toni Ross. New York: Ricco Maresca Gallery


Clifford Ross Photography: Outside Realism, video interview by Brent Bayless in conjunction with exhibition at the Austin Museum of Art


Cyclorama, radio broadcast for Studio 360, with Kurt Andersen, WNYC, May 26 


Homes, A. M., and Clifford Ross. “An Interview.” In Wave Music. New York: Aperture
Ross, Clifford, with David Rogers, Carl Diegert, Michael Hawley, Bran Ferren, and Eric Rosenthal. “Big, Bigger, Biggest: Inventing Systems for Immense Digital Images (and Beyond).” Big Picture Summit
Salles, Walter, and Clifford Ross. “Clifford Ross: Mountain IV.” Blind Spot 31


Radio interview by Jim Baker, Aspen Public Radio, KAJX/NPR, July 28
Photo Finishes, radio interview by Leonard Lopate, The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC, August 11


All About the Arts, radio interview by Jim Baker, Aspen Public Radio, KAJX/NPR, June 23
Ross, Clifford. “Wave Music.” BOMB Magazine (Fall)


Natural Disasters: Hurricane, radio interview by Kurt Andersen, Studio 360, WNYC, November 9
Ross, Clifford. “On September 11.” BOMB Magazine (Spring)


Ross, Clifford. “Hurricanes.” Blind Spot 19


Ross, Clifford. “Laurie Anderson.” BOMB Magazine (Fall) 


Ross, Clifford, and Karen Wilkin. The World of Edward Gorey. New York: Abrams


Bryant, John. “Clifford Ross on Melville and Modern Art: An Interview.” Melville Society Extracts, no. 102 (September)


Ross, Clifford, ed. Abstract Expressionism: Creators and Critics. New York: Abrams


Ross, Clifford. Phantasmagorey: The Work of Edward Gorey. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press



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